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The Truth about Planet Nine, Planet X and Planet Nibiru



The Truth about Planet Nine, Planet X and Planet Nibiru

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Nibiru was considered the seat of the summus deus who shepherds the stars like sheep, in Babylon identified with Marduk. The establishment of the nibiru point is described in tablet 5 of the creation epic Enûma Eliš: “When Marduk fixed the locations (manzazu) of Nibiru, Enlil and Ea in the sky”.[2]

The Enûma Eliš states:

Nibiru is [Marduk’s] star, which he made appear in the heavens… [130-131] The stars of heaven, let him [Nibiru] set their course; let him shepherd all the gods like sheep.[3]

This interpretation of Marduk as the ruler of the cosmos has been suggested by some authors to imply an early monotheist tendency in Babylonian religion.[4][5]

Nibiru is described more closely on a complete cuneiform tablet:[6]

Nibiru, which is said to have occupied the passageways of heaven and earth, because everyone above and below asks Nibiru if they cannot find the passage. Nibiru is Marduk’s star which the gods in heaven caused to be visible. Nibiru stands as a post at the turning point. The others say of Nibiru the post: “The one who crosses the middle of the sea (Tiamat) without calm, may his name be Nibiru, for he takes up the center of it.” The path of the stars of the sky should be kept unchanged.

Böhl calls the text “objectively the most difficult passage, although it has been handed down in its entirety. The Nibiru tablet does not provide any essential help for the clarification.”[7]

In the enumerations, Nibiru is mentioned at different astronomical locations in conjunction with the positions of stars and planets,[2] mostly as the “star of Marduk”, however, the various stars or planets were not subject to any fixed interpretation. For example, the “star of Ea” was described at various “revelation spots” including Vela, Fomalhaut, and Venus. Similar interpretations were made for the other “stars of the gods”, so multiple celestial coordinates must be considered.[2] Nibiru has been associated with the area of Libra: The Nibiru constellation rose in the month of Tišritum, around autumnal equinox, however Nibiru was also a name for the planet Jupiter[8] when observed in the month of Tišritum. In the MUL.APIN, Nibiru is identified as Jupiter:

When the stars of Enlil have been finished, one big star – although its light is dim – divides the sky in half and stands there: that is, the star of Marduk (MUL dAMAR.UD), Nibiru (né-bé-ru), Jupiter (MULSAG.ME.GAR); it keeps changing its position and crosses the sky.

Conversely, Tablets K.6174:9’ and K.12769:6’ refer to it as Mercury: “If Mercury (MULUDU.IDIM.GU4) divides the sky and stands there, [its name] is Nibiru.”[3]

In a 2015 report for the Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin,[9] Immanuel Freedman analyzed the extant cuneiform evidence and concluded that the hypothesis that the name Nēbiru may be assigned to any visible astronomical object that marks an equinox is supported by cuneiform evidence.
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  1. heavenlybeast12

    January 13, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    They are chemtrailing the hell out of Newnan, Ga!

  2. Justin Chen

    January 13, 2018 at 10:55 pm

    Omg Matt Rogers why????? Just don't spread nonsense! He doesn't even prove those claims and you already believe it!! Just gullible!!! Scientist I guess will debunk it immediately!! I think Matt Rogers will stop his channel haha!

  3. Justin Chen

    January 13, 2018 at 10:59 pm

    He even puts a title saying MANY TRUTHERS HAVE GOT IT RIGHT!! But that means many conspiracy theorist have got it right but no obviously not!!! David Meade didn't get it right!!!! Nancy lieder didn't get it right! These claims that it is in our system a re nonsense and bullshit!! Fuck Matt Rogers fuck him!! This gentlemen is stupid

  4. Justin Chen

    January 13, 2018 at 11:00 pm

    Look on foto webcams!! That pink haze has always been there since the webcams have been built at the Austria mountains!

  5. Justin Chen

    January 13, 2018 at 11:01 pm

    You can only see the haze if it is a clear sunny day with a few clouds not a completely cloudy or rainy day!

  6. Justin Chen

    January 13, 2018 at 11:02 pm

    I mean Matt Rogers had wrong information about Brain Cox!! And makes things up and believes anything he wants like those conspiracy theorist! Throughout 2016 I've seen the sky no second sun but one!!

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The real story of Nibiru (Planet X) First we go once again back to the creation story of Mesopotamia The SUMERIANS always described their Gods as planets starting with Pluto, then Neptune, Uranus, etc., as if they were seeing the planets from a heavenly body (or spacecraft ?) that was entering our solar system from the outside. The Sumerian seal (below), with the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Unknown ( about size of Uranus/Neptune), Jupiter, Saturn, Indeterminate (about size of Mercury), Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. The SUMERIANS also mentioned a “twelfth” planet called “NIBIRU”, one whose elliptical orbit brought it close to Earth for a brief period about every 3,600 years.
The Sumerians and later also the Babylonians mention about a long time ago in Ancient times in which Nibiru (Marduk), until that time a stranger in our solar system, had a fight in heaven with Tiamat and Kingu. At that time, millions of years ago, the satellites of Nibiru (Marduk) collapsed with Tiamat (a planet at least two times the mass of Earth) and broke it in 2 parts. In accordance to the theory of Zecharia Sitchin and others, the 2 parts of Tiamat were forced to another orbit around the Sun, one part was broken in small parts and are now called The Asteroid Belt (between Mars and Jupiter) and Asteroids Meteorites and Comets.
The other part was forced into his new orbit between Venus and Mars and became the Earth. Kingu became the Moon of the “new planet” Earth. Nibiru was forced into an elliptical orbit around the Sun and its new orbit was from that time on a cycle of 3,600 years around the Sun. Before I unfold my theory about the timeline of the above events and what happened afterwards I like to honor first the writer of “The Earth Chronicles” Zecharia Sitchin for his great in depth study of the Sumerian and Babylonian history and his theory of which most I agree.
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